Winter & Spring Camps

Spring Camps 2017


Spring Camp at theNAT


Registration now open

Three easy ways to register:


-By phone at 877.946.7797

-In person at the Museum's Admission Desks


Single-day camps are offered March 27-31.


Each camp runs from 9 AM–4 PM

Members $53 | Non-members $58

Camps that visit Ultimate Dinosaurs require an additional $5 fee to cover admission to the exhibition.


Winter Camp at the Fleet Science Center


Grades 1–3

Prices: Members $55 per day; Nonmembers $60 per day

Each day of STEAM Spring camp will incorporate important skills using science, technology, engineering, art and math. Campers will explore the museum’s exhibit galleries and engage in hands-on activities. Sign up for individual days or the whole week!

March 27: In the Ocean

Explore the big blue ocean, including water chemistry, boat building and more.

March 28: Up in the Air

Up, up and away! This camp will get you fascinated about flying objects and weather from above.

March 29: Thinking Green

Experiment with hydropower, water filters and learn how to upcycle.

March 30: The Great Outdoors

Rocks, trees, animal identifiers and more make this camp exciting for any adventurer!

March 31: Extreme Conditions

Learn about extreme climates, like deserts and tundra, and discover what humans do to tolerate extreme situations.

Bringing Code to Life: Computer Science & Technology Spring Camps


Grades 4–7

Prices: Members $65 per day; Nonmembers $70 per day

This spring the Fleet Science Center and ThoughtSTEM have come together to bring you the ultimate week of camp that brings computer science and coding to life. Explore technology in ways you’ve never experienced before. Each day you will learn how to create a new technology, like learning how to design your own light up electrical circuits to embed into origami, paper airplanes, gift cards and even your clothes! Then, create your own virtual worlds, Android mobile apps and Minecraft mods to play with your friends when you get back to school! You do not have to take all of the courses, but taking more than one will put you on the way to becoming a true Tech Genius!

March 27: Intro to Paper Circuits & Graphic Design

Learn the basics of electrical engineering and graphic design with paper circuits! Design light up pop-up cards and paper crafts to take home. 

March 28: Intro to Soft Circuits & Wearable Tech

Sew soft circuits into your own clothing! We’ll provide everything you need to design and program your own tech savvy clothing.

*An additional $40 materials fee is applied for this class ($105 members; $110 nonmembers). Students are encouraged to bring a t-shirt or other clothing for personal customization!